Friday, April 3, 2009

Joys Part 2

After Brent told me about Karson and the cars hiding (read previous post first), I went to lay down on Karson's bed with him as a joke. I told him I couldn't lay down with him because it was too lumpy. Then I took the cars out and put them in the tub. I did leave him one without telling him. No problem. Then Brent and I stayed up talking for awhile and I decided to give him back his cars as a suprise in the morning. (yes, I know bad parenting but it was too cute and Brent just laughed it off and no one got in trouble) So, he is asleep and I go back in there to add cars under his blanket with the one I left. When I lifted the covers up, I didn't find just the one I left but 6 others. He had gotten more while we were talking. What a sneak!! What do the teenage years hold for us?? Sad part is- he is sneaky just like his dad was and got away with murder. YIKES!

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