Friday, April 3, 2009

Joys Part 2

After Brent told me about Karson and the cars hiding (read previous post first), I went to lay down on Karson's bed with him as a joke. I told him I couldn't lay down with him because it was too lumpy. Then I took the cars out and put them in the tub. I did leave him one without telling him. No problem. Then Brent and I stayed up talking for awhile and I decided to give him back his cars as a suprise in the morning. (yes, I know bad parenting but it was too cute and Brent just laughed it off and no one got in trouble) So, he is asleep and I go back in there to add cars under his blanket with the one I left. When I lifted the covers up, I didn't find just the one I left but 6 others. He had gotten more while we were talking. What a sneak!! What do the teenage years hold for us?? Sad part is- he is sneaky just like his dad was and got away with murder. YIKES!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Joys of Boys

This week has been a whirlwind. We are always on the go. We spend 3 fun, long days at Brent's brothers house working on their Caterpillar so they can clear their land. Karson had a blast playing with Kambell and riding their toy gator. We get home at midnight and up again the next day for Library, errands, etc. Long days with limited naps. Then on Wedn up early to go help Brent at the farm and home for quick baths, nap, and to tumbling and church. Needless to say, the boys have been off any form of schedule they were close to being on and are extremely tired. When they get tired, they fight naps. This happened after the time change and has struck again. They will lay in bed and play for hours. They get busted, toys and scooters taken away, food treats taken away, tv taken away, books taken away, you name it. One day they had one toy and one book for three days. Nothing seems to work not even rewards. Then one day they will start napping again. Anyway, today was one of those days. They tossed and turned for hour and half. Korbin finally went to sleep and then Karson did after 2 and half hours. Then they sleep for 2-3 hours. Horrible being stuck for that long!! Then tonight I had to tutor at 8. The boys and I went on a late walk with MeMe so it was late eating supper. Basically, they fended for themselved and had cereal and bananas while I tutored. So as I am working with 2 boys, they are climbing the cabinents, food is everywhere, Karson even attempts to get the milk out. Then they begin to play screaming and yelling. At one point my kitchen floor is covered with dirt from my plants they were playing in instead of sitting in time-out. I am ready to pull my hair out. The whole time Kelton is talking and screaming loudly with them. Finally students leave and the boys go to bed-no book, no Bible, no tooth brushing. Just bed and prayers and screaming fit. So I go clean up the kitchen. Here is the joyous part of boys!!!
Brent finally gets home from Odessa with the horses. He goes in to tell the boys goodbye and notices something hard under the bed. Karson has put 10-12 cars under his blanket(toys are in time-out). Karson looks up at Daddy, smiles, and says "Shhh, I'm hiding them." What can you do for that??? Brent just laughs and showers!!

Happy Birthday Daddy

Happy Birthday to a wonderful, loving, funny husband and daddy. We love all the time we spend with you at home, the farm, or at horse shows. You always teach us a new experience everywhere we go. We love to cuddle, run, and wrestle with you. You are the best!!
We made daddy, green pound cake-YUMMY!!
Happy Birthday
Lots of help with the candles-check out Korbin!! Screaming "No don't!"

Fun at Abilene Zoo

On Thursdays, the Abilene Zoo has a special day for preschoolers. We went in Feb with Kambell and learned about opossoms. We even got to meet and pet one.
Meeting the oppossom
Korbin is a opposom

Karson is an oppossom too

Our favorite part of the zoo- Giraffes. Check out that LONG black tongue. The boys enjoyed feeding them.

All smiles with our new friend

Kelton just along for the ride.

Caged Monkeys

What a crew!! Karson, Korbin, Kambell take a break to smile for the camera.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Horse Lessons

Korbin loves to ride horses and would ride all day if we let him.

We have finally decided that Dillon will make the perfect kid horse and have been letting Karson ride him ALONE. He has done great and enjoys riding especially in his saddle(one of Brent's old kid saddles). Karson is learning to control Dillon and "Be the Boss" of him. We have gotten in some spins since Dillon is a reiner but over all it is a great experience for us all. On the latest ride, Karson enjoyed sitting on Dillon by the fence and watching the cows. As we were watching them, we spotted two coyotes going after a calf. Daddy jumped off his horse and ran the coyotes off. It was an adventure for Karson to see. He loved it and still talks about the coyotes getting the cows.

First lessons from Daddy

True reiner!!

All smiles from this cowboy!

When not riding, the boys love to play with Rusty and jump and run on all the junk trailers. They love the farm and going out there. Karson always is looking for Grandpa to ride the tractor with. Korbin just plays in the dirt. Kelton is great to hang out or nap. Great farm Boys!!!